Ampersand – to use or not to use….

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Hands up, I confess, I’m not great at writing copy, I usually hire a professional copywriter to write copy for me, it’s always well worth the money. I do know good copy when I read it though, I love reading well written copy. I have a great deal of text supplied to me and the one thing I always get a lot of is the use of the ampersand, yes that wiggly thing, being used instead of the word ‘and’. I love ampersands, I think they are gorgeously creative like a musical treble clef, all whirly and quirky and lovely to use but not in a sentence, noooooo! The trouble is that text speak is very popular and we are losing the use of the English language and people are rushed and up against it so everything is shortened and pressurised. That’s how I look at an ampersand in a sentence, it’s a replacement for a shortened and pressurised ‘and’! So let’s bring back the word ‘and’ and keep the ampersand for the creative and quirky logos.