Spirit Design Blog

Website update finally in progress

I have not posted for ages as the work has been coming through the door and it’s been so busy, but slowly updating my website and enjoying having creative freedom. It’s really difficult updating your own branding, a bit like moving home, you become emotionally attached. It’s far quicker and easier to pay someone to come in and pack your home and I’m starting to think it may be quicker and easier to get someone to design my website but I love twiddling with it! Thanks to Jon at Tempo for updating the whole system and now he has let me to go in and explore the back end, website terminology! Anyway, I’ve managed an hour of twiddling but now the work flow needs to move on so back to my lovely clients and my deadlines!



It’s nearly here!

What a year! So much work completed that it’s nice to stop and take a breath and reflect on what has been accomplished. So it’s just a BIG thank you to all suppliers and clients and friends and family who have inspired me and supported me this year! I love my job and appreciate how lucky I am. So it’s still all hands to the deck but in a quieter December and we will be closed for Christmas at 5.30pm on Thursday 22nd December and reopen on Tuesday 3rd January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



More interesting signage for Cirencester

I love producing these boards for Cirencester Town Council, you learn so many interesting facts. This board was produced to stand by the Obelisk at Cotswold Avenue, if you stand in front of the obelisk by the Scout Hut you can look across the valley and see an artists impression of what the old town walls would have looked like. I’ve also done a board for Watermoor explaining about the old railway station. Really interesting items to work on and amazing what you learn. I’ve only been here 42 years and still learning new things about Cirencester our lovely town!



Spirit is 9 years old!

Spirit Design is 9 years old! I’m off to finish installing a brand new computer which should make me super quick! Thanks for all your support over the 9 years, it’s been a journey to build my own company from nothing to where it is now, a lovely successful business which I love! It’s never too late to set up on your own, challenging, daunting but in the end so rewarding!



Ampersand – to use or not to use….

Hands up, I confess, I’m not great at writing copy, I usually hire a professional copywriter to write copy for me, it’s always well worth the money. I do know good copy when I read it though, I love reading well written copy. I have a great deal of text supplied to me and the one thing I always get a lot of is the use of the ampersand, yes that wiggly thing, being used instead of the word ‘and’. I love ampersands, I think they are gorgeously creative like a musical treble clef, all whirly and quirky and lovely to use but not in a sentence, noooooo! The trouble is that text speak is very popular and we are losing the use of the English language and people are rushed and up against it so everything is shortened and pressurised. That’s how I look at an ampersand in a sentence, it’s a replacement for a shortened and pressurised ‘and’! So let’s bring back the word ‘and’ and keep the ampersand for the creative and quirky logos.